Parallel Port



Introduction Scope of the investigation subject
Parallel Programming in Visual Basic Parallel Programming in Visual Basic
Overview General aspects
History History, evolution and Parallel Port types
Description General description
Programming Programming and access to Parallel Port
Temperature sensor Analogical data acquisition with NE555 timer and Parallel Port
Interfacing Parallel Port Mini tutorial about  Parallel Port Interfacing
Standard IEEE 1284 Standard IEEE 1284
Original site (spanish) Original site of the Parallel port (electronic, sensors, ports, Source Code)
This is a transcription of the First Part of the Book  " Parallel Port as an  Input /output  Interface"

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RS-232, Interfaces, Diodes, Leds, Latches, Buffers, relay, transistors, real time, temperature, sensors, Pascal, Delphi, Assembler 



Parallel port conector DB25 DB 25

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