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The parallel port is used generally to handle printers. Nevertheless, since this port has a digital set of inputs  and Outputs, it is possible to be used to make practical experiments of reading data and control devices. This work tries to present the aspects with  the parallel port, so that it is possible to be used like an input/output interface that works of subordinated way to routines of software.

This work arises from the necessity of a guide for the practice of the data acquisition and control of devices as an alternative to the use of Programmable Logic Controlers (PLC) and Data Adcquisition Cards, so that experiences with Real Time Systems can be done.



Certain knowledge of the reader of basic concepts of programming and electronics is assumed. In this work the Borland Delphi will be used like software tools, Turbo Pascal 6,0, 3,0 Turbo C and Visual Basic

It is necessary to make notice that the author of this book has a computer science formation, consequently, in some sections will be descriptions from this point of view.

I would thank for the critics that become to this work. These will be obvious fruit of the practice and the experience. These critics will enrich this new editions


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